Andy Hannan

11 April 2018

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Why We Travel

We journey to create memories. Memories that define our greatest moments, standing out in that cherished bank of our minds called nostalgia.

We draw comfort in the lives we have made for ourselves. In our warm homes and welcoming family, daily rituals and managed schedules.

There is risk to abandon these lives to travel into the unknown. So many things could go wrong. A thousand moving parts perhaps all working against us at any one time. But we go anyway. We venture past familiar safety on the promise of adventure.

Why are holidays the most vivid memories of childhood? Children are dragged into the adult world of structure, deadlines and schedules. And then are set free by travel. The child’s experience is of this wonderful rollercoaster where they can’t dream of what comes next.

The travel we afford our families is a rare gift, and even rarer when it is done in style and comfort of an excellent luxury hotel.

As the planners of the family, you understand the value of experiences that unfold within exceptional hotels. They elevate every detail, construct scenes of brilliance, and show a level of care beyond responsibility or conventional expectations of service.

When done well, the ultimate luxury hotel experience will enchant the most seasoned traveller, making us stop and smile in appreciation and wonder, even though we understand the inner workings behind these experiences.

To know this and then to imagine the feeling it gives our children. This is why we travel.