Andy Hannan

13 February 2020

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Who is Stay Someday?

images supplied by Vincent Lai Photography

Hello travellers, 

I’m Andy and Stay Someday is me (and my family).

I currently live in Tokyo, Japan with my wife and our five children. This is a wondrous city with everything and anything, and it is all done to the highest degree of effort, authenticity and care. I’ve been passionate about the best luxury hotel family experiences for longer than I had a family.

There is a thrill of excitement to experience the world that the best luxury properties create, and this is multiplied when you witness its magical and generous warmth on your children.

Whilst being passionate about luxury hotel experiences, we are not a family who gets to travel very often due to available time and the cost of such expeditions due to our party size. That is why I am quite obsessed with finding the best on offer, to maximize our rare holiday time.

I am currently planning an end of year holiday in Rome, and although we will mostly reside in an apartment, I will be making time (perhaps a night or two) to experience the city in the Stay Someday way (either Rocco Forte’s Hotel de Russie or St Regis Rome) as a Christmas treat.

My aim is for Stay Someday to be the biggest and most detailed resource for luxury family travel online. Before 2021 I will have more properties across more cities and a greater number of countries to make choosing a perfect hotel much easier for family travel. Currently, there are 94 properties recommended across 15 cities on

I have another 15 cities on which I have completed research and will upload properties to the site, and 25 more cities that are lined up for research. It is my goal that I will map the entire world of luxury family hotels, resort, and experiences by 2023.

The mission of Stay Someday is to celebrate the very best of luxury family hotels and resorts in an easy to use and conveniently filterable process online. It is a singular vision that forms an important part of the planning a family will make for holiday travel.

Whilst detailed and extensive, Stay Someday should not be the only resource for families and I do believe there is also great value in finding the best rates (I link to but currently do not have an affiliate benefit), looking over the property’s own website, and finding some trustworthy reviews to form a complete picture.

In celebrating the best of luxury family travel, I will be posting regular updates on inspiring properties and collections of rather quirky and exclusive services and amenities I uncover. I will also be featuring properties here in a deep dive ‘behind the curtain’ for what makes them great family hotels, including interviews with key personnel and decision-makers from larger hotel groups.

As a writer and filmmaker by trade, you can expect my Stay Someday media content to grow and diversify in the coming year.

It is also important to note that Stay Someday is a completely original and independent company. Any promotional content will be clearly labelled and services in which I receive compensation will be transparently advised.

As for now, this is an all-consuming hobby to which I have dedicated many hours, weeks, months thus far, and to which I will continue to do so as long as my passion for luxury family travel lingers. No matter your location, I hope you will find it useful. In fact, given just how extensive I know my research to be, I’m certain you will. This all feels like a holiday every day for me and I hope it will for you as well.

Yours in planning to Stay Someday,