Andy Hannan

09 January 2020

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Ultimate Luxury Hotel For Families

image supplied by Peninsula Paris

What Makes The Ultimate Luxury Hotel For Families?

Luxury hotel excellence for families can be enjoyed in a variety of amusements, services, amenities, and programs at properties across the world. There are a number of offerings, which outstanding hotels present to families and their young guests that create consistently memorable experiences.

What I specialize in for Stay Someday is accommodation experiences at truly luxurious hotels. Any property can claim a leading 5 star classification, but it is only few that earn this top rating, especially when it comes to catering for families.

Our benchmark for the 5 star rating is a property that creates a unique world through design, decoration, and materials. Two diverse examples of this are Hotel Le Meurice in Paris and 1 Hotel Central Park in New York. Both hotels have created unique worlds through exceptional design.

Le Meurice is an elegant example of combining 18th Century and modern French design, with unique quirks of surrealism that reference the property’s history.

1 Hotel Central Park presents an equally special design experience with a modern sensibility of sustainable, local, and urban aesthetics. Their use of reclaimed materials, organic textiles, and warm, simply designed guest spaces feels authentic, individual, and intimate.

Individual design excellence only creates a memorable experience if it is maintained to the highest degree. Everything new will eventually fade, however, properties that manage perfect upkeep (and occasional renovation) earn their top hotel ratings. Two properties that present this exceptionally are the Peninsula Hong Kong and The Savoy in London.

The Peninsula’s flagship property is the city’s oldest hotel that balances colonial decadence, traditional Asian design, and European style. It has been carefully refined, updated, and maintained, with original details and the vintage of the hotel remaining, and every detail scrutinized and cared for.

In a similar fashion, The Savoy in London achieves an equal balance. A recent overhaul highlighted a dedication to preservation, innovative use of technology, and knowledge that its history plays as important a role in its future as any new amenity, restaurant or spa service.

Great hotels for families provide not only a unique and well-maintained world, but also dedicated programs to care for both adult and young guests. It is a rare property that can balance two incredible programs to guests with very different needs in the one hotel.

Groups who deliver consistently excellent experiences to all family needs are The Four Seasons, Rocco Forte, The Ritz Carlton, and The Peninsula. Individual hotels that excel within this elite group are the Ritz Carlton Tokyo, and the Peninsula New York.

These properties stand out for their dedication to programs and services for both adult and young guests. In particular, the way the experience of young guests is embedded in the property whilst still maintaining the appeal for its adult business and leisure customers.

The fine balance is achieved at the Peninsula New York by both enchanting in-room amenities and experiences utilizing existing infrastructure such as lounges (kids high tea), kitchens (cooking classes), and hidden corners (treasure hunt).

The Ritz Carlton Tokyo shines in a city not known for its excellent services for young guests in luxury hotels. Here children of all ages will find excellent in-room amenities based around the Ritz Carlton’s successful Ritz Kids Night Safari initiative, as well as dedicated children’s dining, afternoon tea services, and a treasure hunt, which is the most exciting way to discover the secrets of a property and its surrounds.

Three other exceptional properties that deliver a similar level of excellence for both adult and younger guests are the Hotel Plaza Athenee, Hotel de Crillon, and the Four Seasons George V in Paris. All go above and beyond for every guest, but also include some rare gems such as back of house tours for children (something any property could and should do), and other hard to find offerings such as dedicated children’s concierges, rare seasonal activities, cooking classes of the highest quality, and children’s spa services.

Of all cities I have researched so far, Paris delivers the best family luxury hotel experiences.

What excites my family and I is a hotel that provide a world within a city. The ultimate luxury hotels for families create this world by giving young guests a peek behind the curtain and creating surprises along the way. It is not a case of piling children with treats and gifts then leaving them in their rooms to watch movies and play games (although some time for that is always nice), rather, showing them the secret world of the hotel and empowering them to explore and inspiring them to venture into the surroundings of their wider cities.

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