Hoshinoya Karuizawa


Published on: 14 January 2021

Hoshinoya Karuizawa is a peaceful family retreat offering quality and carefully selected dining, activities, onsen, and Japanese culture


2157-428 Nagakura, Karuizawa
Nagano 389-0111

+81 050 3786 1144


Hoshinoya Karuizawa

Hoshinoya Karuizawa is a picturesque village on the banks of a lake surrounded by the beauty of nature. This exceptional property welcomes families to its peaceful surroundings, with delicious food and cultural activities that highlight this memorable part of Japan.

 The Look

Opened originally in 1914 at the foot of Mt Asama, the modern Hoshinoya Karuizawa begun in 2005 as one of the first eco-resorts in Japan with details including,

  • 70% of the hotel runs on energy generated from the local hot water springs. This resort works in tandem with the surrounding environment including design to highlight natural beauty, local materials, and local ingredients.
  • The resort closed in 1995 for 10 years for a complete refresh. Azuma Architect & Associates were responsible for the re-design. There is a village feel with individual accommodation structures and the main pavilion built around a water ecosystem, which was all constructed with respect and care for the natural environment.
  • Natural materials fill the guest spaces and rooms constructed in a terraced style to recall traditional Japanese homes. Exposed wooden beams, marble and basalt tiles, elegant and simple furnishings and trademark soft lighting all work together to provide comfort and bring focus to the natural surroundings.
  • Structures are surrounded by water running down terraced gardens. The landscape is filled with ancient trees, bridges, garden paths, stepping stones, and intimate terrace areas for relaxation and entertaining.


Family pavillions are the ultimate luxury to enjoy, with a variety of choices at Hoshinoya Karuizawa for families of various sizes, such as,

  • Mizunami Villas (57-68 sqm) accommodate up to 4 guests with 3 double beds and a sofa bed available. There are indoor and outdoor dining areas, with some villas split over two levels. Guests can enjoy large traditional bathtubs fed by natural spring waters and beautiful views of the surrounding waters.
  • Niwaroji Junio Villa Maisonettes (78-81 sqm) are perfect for small families looking for private enclaves. They accommodate up to 3 guests and are designed in two-story townhouse styles with patios and Japanese gardens.  There are spacious living and dining areas on the ground floor, with bedrooms on the first floor. The bedroom includes two double beds and a third sofa bed. There are reading and relaxation spaces as well as traditional Japanese bathtubs that look out to the back patio and furnished garden.


Hoshinoya Karuizawa has an intimate focus on dining with a dedication to the very best regional and seasonal produce, including family tastes. Details include,

  • Kasuke, Hoshinoya's main restaurant, serves 'alpine kaiseki', a multi-course dining experience of river fish, game, and local vegetables. Dining is offered for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, with each including set courses such as a luxury bento for lunch or both Japanese and Western delicacies for breakfast. The dining area is designed to both highlight and emulate the surrounding natural landscape. Floor to ceiling windows look out to the lake, with tiered seating representing rice fields, and granite walls the surrounding mountains.
  • Hoshinoya Karuizawa also offers in-room dining for meals and light snacks 24 hours a day.
  • Special events and occasions are beautifully realised with forest dining and private dining areas around the resort.

Wellness & Activities

This resort is focused on holistic enjoyment and offers a suite of exceptional spa, leisure, and relaxation activities, such as,

  • The in-house spa provides special treatments tailored to the resort's natural environment. Guests can enjoy body treatments, relaxation and meal packages, traditional Japanese therapies, and in-room Shiatsu.
  • A nearby lake showcases nature during summer and becomes a winter wonderland as a skating rink in the colder months.
  • This resort does guided treks around the local area including to the nearby bird sanctuary and other local sights.
  • Eco-tours are available through Picchio (a local company), as well as horse riding at the foot of Mt Asama.
  • Expectant couples can enjoy the Tamayura program designed to deepen connections during pregnancy. Programs include a spa session, meals, and a photography session.
  • The hot spring is a significant draw for this location, with Hoshinoya Karuizawa offering both a traditional and modern onsen for total body relaxation.

Young Guests

Families that love immersing themselves in nature, enjoying delicious food, and connecting over cultural activities will love the offerings from Hoshinoya Karuizawa, such as,

  • Hot spring facilities both in-room and on-site are a relaxing activity the whole family can enjoy together.
  • There is a range of books as well as art and craft activities for children of all ages.
  • The resort grounds are filled with wonders to explore such as the lake, waterfalls, and gardens.
  • Hoshinoya Karuizawa offers a children's room for supervised activities.
  • A children's menu is available in the restaurant and in-room, including a delightful Kasuke bento box specially for kids. Dumpling making and S'more roasting are also available through the resort.
  • Families can enjoy the natural bounty that surrounds the resort by participating in eco-tours, horse riding, bird watching, bike riding, and ice skating.

Insider Tips

  • Traditional Japanese music can be enjoyed throughout the property and at special times where live performers entertain guests.
  • This resort is close to both snow monkey attractions and to snowfields for winter fun.
  • If arriving by train, the resort operates a shuttle daily at 2:30 pm.
  • Complimentary drinks and snacks are available throughout the day.


Onsen, Books, Arts & Crafts, Children's Room, Bikes



Nature Tour, Cultural Tour, Babysitting, Ice Skating, Horse Riding


Children's Menu, Children's Bento



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