Luxury Dubai Resorts With The Best Family Services

Rixos The Palm and Al Wadi Ras Al Khaimah by Ritz Carlton are two exceptional luxury family resorts in Dubai

Luxury Dubai Resorts With The Best Family Amenities

Of the exceptional hotels and resorts in Dubai, there are two stand-out destinations worth considering when planning an unforgettable family holiday.

The Very Best Family Resorts in Dubai

A selection of the very best accommodations in Dubai for families. Each property guarantees an unforgettable dream holiday and are both amongst the best in the World!

Who is Stay Someday?

I currently live in Tokyo, Japan with my wife and our five children. This is a wondrous city with everything and anything, and it is all done to the highest degree of effort, authenticity and care.

Hotels or Family Apartments?

As a larger family, we mostly use apartments when travelling, especially for extended stays. The primary reason is cost, and the second being space, location and freedom.

Ultimate Luxury Hotel For Families

Luxury hotel excellence for families can be enjoyed in a variety of amusements, services, amenities, and programs at properties across the world.

Why We Travel

We journey to create memories. Memories that define our greatest moments, standing out in that cherished bank of our minds called nostalgia.